La Moustache

Our Story

La Moustache started growing in 2005, on Jean-François Ollivier’s initiative. Following a decade of work first as an assistant than a photographer, he wanted to bring his knowledge to bear for the greatest number of people. Initially specialized in scout work, La Moustache enlarged its expertise covering the all fields of production, from publicity agencies, artistic directors and obviously photographers and videographers.

Nearly 20 years later, we are proud to have produced numerous international projects both in France and abroad, and to have worked in collaboration with the greatest names of photography.
On the strength of this experience, we have chosen to stay close to our clients, by dint of a human scale, reactive independent structure, personally involved in every new adventure.

On your side.

Lac du Bourget

The Team

Jean-François Ollivier

CEO at La Moustache

Antoine Vanbelle


Our profession, our savoir-faire

“To be at the service of the image and of its makers.”


Our flexibility is our strength: for each project, from the simplest to the most elaborated, we are capable of mobilizing dedicated teams apace, relying on the greatest address book of suppliers, with whom we have built solid bonds of trust and all of it under requirement of utter respect of budgets and planning.

In France and beyond

Our thoroughness and the kindness of our teams allowed us to earn the trust of our clients, in thirty-some countries, where we have been able to provide a very constant quality of service with the assistance of our local partners.
France, rightly so, draws production companies from all over the World towards its landscapes and settings. La Moustache has organized hundreds of shootings and filming by the sea as well in countryside, mountains or in emblematic grand cities such as Paris, Marseille, Lyon, Bordeaux, etc.

At your service

Whether it is a publicity or digital campaign for the fashion, luxury, beauty or automobile industries, our credo remains the same: to be at the service of the image and of its makers.

Our profession, photo, video and digital (social media) production, requires not only a flawless knowledge of various media but also and more importantly, a meticulous organization.


Our services are tailormade to fit the needs of each client. It implies that, not only are we able to work with all types of projects, from the humblest to the most ambitious ones, following it from beginning to end (from scout work, casting, team compositions, etc. to post production and delivery), but we can also intervene remotely on a specific step of the process.

Our savoir-faire

Location scouting, castings,
permits, on set production, team compositions, budget management and monitoring, scheduling and control of schedule adherence, post production, art buying, etc.

Our clients

We work with several brands in different fields.