French road trip

The Belgian clothing brand Bellerose requests our production services through their stylist Charlotte Huguet, for the organization of a road trip across France, for the making of three series of editorials. While the photographer Coke Bartrina’s well-experienced eye is chosen to immortalize the journey, Charlotte will be in charge of the artistic direction.

The first setting neighbours Paris, in Vayres sur Marne, in an apartment with a sleek decoration. The entrance door leads to a universe where nothing is left to chance, each piece of furniture holds in place in harmony of form, colour and matter.

At the end of the first day, spent in a still urban environment, we take the road leading to the Alpes. The landscapes take turns at the train’s windows, rocked by the pace of the railway. Once we reached the train station of Chambéry, we traded the train for a car ride leading to Sainte Foy Tarentaise, where an incredibly charming chalet nested in the heights of the sky station awaits us. We make the most of this place by using it as a base for our scout work. This jewel like place ends up being our setting and our base camp for the following couple of days. During the second shooting day, Julia and Cosmo take place in front of Coke’s lens in the middle of mountains, trails and creeks.

The highlander trip comes to an end and we take back the road towards Corrèze. We cross France from East to West and after traveling close to 600km, and we arrive in a charming residence, owned by a couple with unequalled kindness. The stones of the building bear witness of a wealthy history. Each room opens as treasure chests enclosing jewels of memory. For the third shooting day, Gigi Ringel embodies the spirit of the Bellerose collection, in this bohemian and authentic countryside setting. Strolls in the gardens, lunches in the shadows of grand trees, bicycle rides and fly-fishing compose this series.

This third setting rings the end of the French road trip. Our production team drops everyone off at the train station of Brive-la-Gaillarde and our production assistant takes the road towards Paris, with the wardrobe, the photo and production equipment.

This adventure was filed with beautiful surprises, discoveries of incredible landscapes and very meaningful encounters.