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La Moustache is filled with pride to have assisted Vincent Bousserez in capturing the visuals that are published upfront of the Pathé Gaumont film theaters since many months.

In 2020 the Eléonore Charrey agency contacted us in order to organise the production of a vast image bank for the movie theaters Pathé Gaumont and to accompany Vincent through the most innovative film halls of the country.

The cast director, Joséphine Little, by means of her large network and deep research, collected dozens of profiles that allowed us to constitute a base of twenty-some extras in Marseille and Paris, to compose the acting public of this ambitious project.

The stylists, Fanny Courtois de Viçose and  Amélie Cailler Boyer made up dozens of looks in order to enable a number of clothing variations for each participant throughout the full length of the visual takes.

The waiting was long until the result of our work bloomed. Since the reopening of the movie theaters, we are thrilled to finally see these images in display.